Test gramatyczny dla młodzieży

Bulldog English kursy dla mlodziezy


Jaki jest Twój poziom angielskiego?



Wybierz najlepszą odpowiedź do każdego pytania. Tylko 1 odpowiedź jest poprawna. Jeśli nie znasz odpowiedzi na pytanie, przejdź do następnego.

Odpowiedz na tyle pytań na ile potrafisz. Czas: maksymalnie 45 minut.

Po zakończeniu testu załącz swój formularz. Napiszemy do Ciebie o wynikach testu.



  • 1.We have _______ and a dog.
  • 2.My dog likes_______
  • 3.My mother gave me _____apple for lunch.
  • 4.______you getting a Playstation 4?.
  • 5.What are _____girls doing with your bike?.
  • 6._____you play Warcraft a lot?
  • 7. Let me show you____new guitar.
  • 8. My sister______TV every night.
  • 9. What time do you______wake up?
  • 10. Dad, can you _______me with my maths homework?
  • 11. I like dancing, but I don’t like ______
  • 12. There’s a new girl in class, but I haven’t met _____yet.
  • 13. My parents ______my sister a horse for Christmas.
  • 14. Have you ever______anything expensive?
  • 15. How _____time do you play computer games for a week?
  • 16. If Wojciech doesn’t try harder, he isn’t_____pass the exam.
  • 17. If it___nice weather on Saturday, we can go to the beach.
  • 18. Aleks is a ________swimmer than Filip.
  • 19.Chelsea played really____last nigtht and lost 3-0.
  • 20. I want to learn to dance hip-hop___I’m having lessons.
  • 21. I______Paulina in Starbucks tonight.
  • 22. She’s the girl____was cheating in the exam.
  • 23. It’s ten oçlock and I haven’t done my homeowrk____.
  • 24 Ilona has been learning ballet____she was six.
  • 25. If I had a car, I ____us all to the Baltic.
  • 26. This guitar ____made in Japan.
  • 27. I’ve decided I’m too skinny, so I’m ____weight training.
  • 28. I was tired, because I _____all morning.
  • 29. By the time you get to my house, I_____my homework.
  • 30. It______Robert who wrote on the toilet wall; – it’s his handwriting.
  • 31. Asking Lara out on a date in front of her friends was a big mistake. I _____it.
  • 32.I can’t believe that I’m ____of cheating!
  • 33. Rafal____taking Kasia’s pen.
  • 34.Caporiera,________,was originally a lethal martial-art.
  • 35. In 2005 on my birthday I ____ to Brazil.
  • 36.____close by, she often visits my house.
  • 37. ______, it wasn’t difficult, I still don’t think I did very well in the maths test.
  • 38____I don’t have any money, I’m staying in.
  • 39. The new Physics teacher lives_____round the corner.
  • 40. The killer____in the Podgorze area.
  • 41. I hear that Julia____her hair dyed blue again.
  • 42. Now, on with the lecture. You ____of the uncertainty principle, no doubt.
  • 43. I wouldn’t have passed the exam if I _____ so hard.
  • 44. At no pint_____I say I would help you on a Sunday.
  • 45. I couldn’t afford to take my laptop to the engineer, so what I ____I repaired it myself.
  • 46.She looked at me___she was going to cry.
  • 47. I’d ______you didn’t play with your phone while I’m trying to talk to you!
  • 48. Don’t you dare accuse me____cheating.
  • 49. I resent being dependent ___my parents.
  • 50. The sooner we decide what this project is about, the ___ we’ll be finished.
  • 51. My sister insisted that she ___ for the taxi.
  • 52. I don’t agree with my final grade. I’ll take this matter to the principle, if needs___.
  • 53. Krysztof offered me his Nintendo DS for 300zl, and I’m ____ on the offer.
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